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Diigo comes in two varieties:

  1. The Diigo website is a highlighter, collector and storage location of bookmarks and sites to come back to later from any location.
  2. The Diigo app is your library of stored sites.

What can Diigo do?  Check out this demo video to answer that question:

Diigo differs from Pocket in that it is a bookmarking site for URL’s – you have to add the URL in Diigo – whereas with Pocket the link is added automatically through twitter

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Exercise 6: Using Diigo

  1. Goto the Diigo website and create an account – under join Diigo
  2. Once the account is setup – login to Diigo
  3. On the left hand sidebar ther eis a blue button that says Add+ – select this button
    1. Add a new bookmark
      1. paste the URL from the website
      2. Give it a title
      3. Give it a description – keep in mind others will be reading this so the more detailed the better – give your opinion on the site
      4. Use tags – this will enable you to tag for different areas such as Biology 12, English 11,  Poetry…etc.
  4. Add two other bookmarks
  5. Add people to foll0w –
    1. Search their twitter name
    2. Search tags that you might use (same idea as hashtags)
    3. Search your teachers account
  6. Find three people to follow on Diigo