Designed for Android and Ios (ipad/iphone).


Flipboard is a social network aggregate that gathers information and allows the user to flip through the content like flipping through a magazine.

Here is a short video on how to use Flipboard

The link listed below is flipboard tips for the iphone user – but I think this could be universal for all flipboard users – even listing how to “mute” authors.. check it out 🙂

Flipboard website


Exercise 4

  1. Goto your Flipboard app on your ipad
  2. Flip into the setup
  3. To remove any of the boxes press and hold until all have a small circle with an X in it. Press this circle to erase the boxes you do not want
  4. To add press the red ribbon on the upper right hand corner type in a site or hashtag you want to follow
  5. When the site appears, press the + symbol in the upper left hand corner
  6. Add three more sites/hashtags that you would like to follow