Designed for all platforms


 Pocket (previously known as Read it Later) is a free app that allows the user to save a link to a site that they want to go back and read later.

Within the app itself, the posts can be tagged and searched for according to the tags.

For Ipad users this posting shares how to install the Pocket bookmarklet on iPad (with a video at the end).

Here is a short preview of Pocket with a few ideas for usage.


Exercise 5 : How to use Pocket

  1.  Goto your Ipad Pocket app
  2. Setup to work with Twitter
  3. Goto twitter/tweetdeck or flipboard and choose a tweet with a link attached – chose the symbol of a square with the arrow coming out of it a pop up menu appears – choose Read Later.  This will save the link to your pocket
    1. NOTE – if the article does not save to pocket and you get a window with a spinning wheel – delete your pocket app and reinstall it.  Try again.  This should fix the problem.
  4. Add three more links to your pocket site
  5. In pocket you can also “doctor up” your links by adding the following:
    1. favorite status – star
    2. tags – price tag
    3. archive an article – check mark
    4. delete a link – garbage can
      1. To perform any of the above choose the pencil icon in the top right corner and then choose a link.  This will bring up the menu
      2. You can also choose more than one link at a time to carryout the action on
  6. Make at least three links in your pocket – doctor up the links with favorite or archive or tags