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Tweetdeck is a one stop shopping center for all of the tweets you are wanting to follow. 

The deck is initially setup with:

  1.  your home
  2.  me (any tweets that are publically aimed directly at you – @your_name_here)
  3. inbox – private tweets aimed at you – dm – direct message)

Users have the capability to have a larger or smaller view of the tweet channels they have chosen.    To add another column – press the “+” key in the top left hand corner and input the hashtag.  Users are also able to tweet directly from this application by pressing the top right hand button (appears as a pen and paper) and a tweet box will open.

This link will bring you to step by step instructions on how to use tweetdeck.

Tweetdeck website


Exercise 3: Playing with Tweetdeck

  1. Goto the tweedeck app on your ipad
  2. Sign in with your twitter account
  3. To change the view size press the little 1x button in the bottom right hand corner
  4. Check out the three columns you presently have – by swiping the ipad right-to-left
  5. Add a new column – press the “+” sign on the top left corner – either search or select your name and add an area from the dropdown list
  6. Choose 2 areas to follow and add the columns